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Picking Up My Marathon Race Bib, Aka Shit Just Got Realz

Ladies and gentlemen… well, you saw the post title. That’s what I was thinking yesterday picking up my bib. Bucket item #67, here I come.

Marathon bibs:

The 5k field is somewhat more competitive:

Out of all the insane-o races that I have done, I don’t think there is another race that I’ve trained so much for, and have given up so much for. [Although I’d do well to give up an all-you-can-eat sushi dinner last night.]

As John Stanton said in his pre-race speech at my very first half marathon in Ottawa, once you show up to the start line, there is nothing to worry about any more.

I’ve put it the training, I’ve put in the miles. This week I didn’t drown, didn’t get shot and didn’t get pneumonia. My playlist is at least 4.5 hours, and hell, even my iPod is charged. I have running outfits for different weather forecasts hanging on my chair! Provided, I do not forget my hydration pack in the next hour, this may in fact be the race I am most prepared for.

Although it would be funny if I was late to the start, because I was blogging about how read I was, eh?

That’s it. I’m off for a Sunday morning jog with 5,000 of my closest friends. Now one foot in front of another for 42.2km.

See you on the other side.

Not-yet-a-marathoner, SOLO


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