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Remember That Time I Wrote A Book?

Hey, Friend!

Lemme get this businessy thing out of the way, mmmmkay, coz I have a cool thing for you today, but I also have to feed my children, blah, blah blah: I'm down to ONE available coaching spot, because I just welcomed an awesome human being on board few days ago, sooo... if you want to chat, hit Reply and let me know or forever hold your peace. And by forever I mean... until the next time I ask. Obvs. Ok. Done. NOW... I totally do not have a clever essay for you today. But... I want to tell you something. I have only told four people in the entire world so far, and... well, this list is not called "Letters To Friends" for nothing. YOU are next to find out. Remember how I wrote a book?

  • Now, either you know and read it (and loved it! yay! or hated it, in which case - don't tell me).

  • Orrrrr, you have joined this list in the last few weeks or months, and it literally HAS been months since I have mentioned my book, so now you are going "What?! Book! I didn't know you had a book!?".

  • Orrrr, maybe, you are going "Hmmm... I feel like I knew that! But I totally forgot. I meant to order it, but yeah, just didn't get around to it".

Now... I know that reading someone's book is a commitment. You have to DO multiple things in order to read someone's book.

You have to remember that they wrote a book.

You have to remember to get it (where is it? Amazon? their website? somewhere else?).

And, of course, then you have to make the time to actually read the damn thing, and who has time for BOOKS these days, amirite?

So, I had this niggling idea in my head for months now about how I would love to make my book more accessible.

Easier to get.

Easier to read.

One day I would take my entire book and... put it up as a static podcast project. And then, anyone could just look it up on Spotify, and listen to it (it's a short read, and hence, a short listen). Wouldn't that make it soooo much easier?

Well, I've been working on this for the last month or so, and the book is HALF WAY THERE. (I feel like I am obligated to make a joke here referencing the book's title "HALF Pregnant", but I'm too tired). You can go to Spotify, and look up "Half Pregnant", and you will find the first 17 chapters all cued up for your listening pleasure. Or use the direct link here.

I anticipate the WHOLE thing being up and done in the next 1-2 weeks. I'll include short episode descriptions, and record a trailer, and all that jazz, but... I wanted to tell YOU now.

Because I'm excited.

Because I'm proud.

Because I think you'll dig it.

And if you dig it (so far), feel free to buy me a coffee.

You know how I feel about coffee, right?

Gawd... that's like the best part of NOT being pregnant - unlimited coffee.

P.S. Also, wow, audio books are a lot of work. I'm out of breath recording these. Can I count these sessions as cardio?

All the links in one place:

Link to the book podcast on Spotify:

Link to buy me a coffee (if you love the book/podcast):

Link to buy an e-book on my website:



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