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The 50 Most Inspirational Women In Obstacle Racing

You know obstacle racing is a legitimate sport, when we finally have the 50 most influential people post. Now we can start pouting, bitching and complaining about who made it and who should have made it instead. Aaaaaand, GO!

On a more serious note, while the list included some of my favorite people ever (and some people I have never heard of), I was a little peeved to discover that only 6 of the 50 people listed were women. Amelia Boone (and other awesome women), anyone? ANYONE?

So, here's my own list. To every single woman on this list - thank you.

The 50 Most Inspirational WOMEN In Obstacle Racing

1. Selica Sevigny

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 10.40.10 PM

Selica is the heart and soul of Spartan Race in Canada and UK. She truly cares about the sport of obstacle racing, and wants to share its joys with the world - encouraging people to return to the days of running in the woods, and pushing themselves outside their comfort zone.

2. Andi Hardy

Andi sports bright green hair, bright green clothing, and a smile. You probably have seen her leading Spartan workouts, or doing a handstand - anywhere and everywhere. Andi and I have shared many Spartan races, at least one Spartan podium, and more recently, carried bananas, climbed a volcano, and swam in the same lake during the Survival Run in Nicaragua.

3. Ella Kociuba

This cheetah of a woman lifts rocks, chops wood and loves peanut butter. She is not afraid of showing her scars to others (check out her book here). And if Ella and I decided to arm wrestle, she would win. Every single time. #allthingsella

4. Amelia Boone

Amelia is the woman every little girl wants to be when she grows up. Smart and beautiful. And better than most boys at sports. #doingitright

5. Rose Wetzel-Sinnett

Rose is a runner and personal trainer, who is not above wearing a tutu once in a while, if it puts a smile on people's faces. As someone who once ran a race in a dress, while carrying a birthday cake, I am all about not taking yourself too seriously. Kudos.

6. Rachelanne Gladden

This awesomeness of a human being comes in a package with beautiful red curls and hugs that rival my own. Rachelanne often plays an integral role of support and crew at extreme endurance events.

7. Carrie Adams

Carrie is the power behind Chicked Nation - the largest all-women obstacle racing group on Facebook. She continues to provide support and inspiration to this community.

8. Aliza Lederer-Plaskett

Aliza's cheeky comebacks and potty mouth made her near and dear to my heart. Strength, sense of humour and no bullshit attitude all rolled up in one. As you can imagine, we get along. Really well.

9. Juliana Sproles

Perhaps, the biggest smile in obstacle racing belongs to the Shark - a fierce competitor who is actually sweet and huggy. This woman also has the first title of the World's Toughest Mudder to her name.

10. Margaret Schlachter

Margaret hardly needs introductions - the first blogger in the sport, and the woman behind Dirt In Your Skirt. She is also one of the first racers to have left her job to pursue OCR as a career. Oh, and she as a wicked green thumb and beekeeping skills. Anything she can't do?

11. Heather Gannoe

Heather has been blogging about the sport of obstacle racing (and running, and nutrition, and gear!) for as long as... well, there has been a sport of obstacle racing. Check out her blog here.

12. Johanna Lopez

Johanna, aka JoLo, aka Bear Cub, is a familiar face to many on the obstacle racing circuit. She has crewed, supported and shadowed as many (or more) races as she ran herself.

13. Holly Joy Berkey

Whenever a new racer asks a question about gear or nutrition, Holly is always one of the first to answer. She also writes for the Spartan Blog, and her articles about motivation, training and strong women continue to empower.

14. Jen Milligan

Canadian hurricane of a racer took the racing circuit by the storm in the last two years, and continues to conquer one race course after another. She has completed Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge this year, running the Boston Marathon and then the Big Sur Marathon mere days later.

15. Tanya Logan

Inspiration to moms everywhere, Tanya is also one of the master minds behind Canadian Mudd Queens - the largest Canadian all-women obstacle racing team.

16. Lindsay Webster

Another luminous smile coming at you from the Great White North. Lindsay is as fast as she is humble (this girl is a big deal, yet she does not think she is a big deal - what a gem!) - trail running and mountain biking experience makes her unbeatable on many obstacle courses - like recent BattleFrog races.

17. Cassidy Watton

Cassidy is proof that strength pays off in obstacle racing. If you have not seen this girl go through obstacles, you should. Pull up a chair. Although, never mind - you better remain standing, otherwise, you'd miss her. She's that fast.

18. Helene Dumais

I had an honor of racing with this awesome Canadian woman in a recent Survival Run in Fuego y Agua. Helene is a fellow health coach, and while I DNF'd after about 15 hours, she kept going, and going, and going. Force of nature, this one!

19. Camille McCue

Camille is one sharp-tongued badass (and a new mom) with a heart of gold who serves in the U.S. army. And you should see this girl with an axe. #mesmerizing

20. Amie "Live Wire" Booth

Amie is a power house and a fire cracker, all rolled up in one. She can frequently be found running for hours and winning, climbing volcanoes, and demonstrating some wicked twerking skillz.

21. Melody Hazi

Melody is passionate about all things racing and adventure - obstacle racing, adventure racing, and simply adventuring (is that a verb?).

22. Jane Boudreau Coffey

Jane never stops. In fact, she seems to find peace and serenity in pushing her body to the limit. She is determined, relentless and has iron will. And she shares my (borderline clinical) obsession with coffee.

23. Corinne Kohlen

Corinne is one of few women who routinely takes on the Fuego y Agua events, including the Hunter Gatherer. The most gruelling races do not shake her calm attitude and a smile. She makes a mean pair of sandals too!

24. Leyla Di Cori

This Wonder Woman can rock a pair of sky high heels, recommend a bottle of wine, and then kick your butt getting across the monkey bars. This gal did the Spartan Death Race before most thought the Death Race was cool.

25. Angela Emily

Angela probably takes the cake for the most inspirational occupation - she is a flight nurse, which means a) she gets to be in a helicopter on a regular basis, b) her uniform is crazy hot, and c) if you ever wanted to impress 7-year olds at one of those "what do you do for a living" talks, you'd want to bring Angela. Oh, and one word - motorcycles.

26. Shenoa Creer

Shenoa manages to combine a sunny disposition with a spirit of passionate competitor. I finally had a chance to meet her face to face in Nicaragua, where she took on the Survival Run.

27. Deanna Blegg

Deanna races, lives and breathes with a smile on her face. I busted some moves with this awesome Australian on the dance floor after one of the Vermont Beasts. It. Was. Awesome.

28. Ande Wegner

Ande runs fast, long and hard. She is an accomplished triathlete, a Death Race finisher, and she saves animals every day (as a veterinarian). Ande is also a semi-professional hugger. Swoon!

29. Sue Luck

This Mini Beast is an inspiration. I have first met her while doing Ultra Beast 2012, as she climbed out of the water and towards the Tarzan swing right in front of me. We officially met at the finish line later that day. Sue's tenacity is only exceeded by her humility.

30. Morgan McKay

Morgan boasts too many podium finishes to count, but most of all, she never takes herself too seriously. That earns major brownie points in my books!

31. Angela Kalal

Angela is not only a fast racer with multiple Spartan Race podium finishes, and events like Hunter Gatherer Survival Run under her belt, but a talented climber as well.

32. Nele Schulze

Nele is friendly, soft-spoken, and unstoppable. Every time I race by her side, I am both impressed and intimidated. Extreme endurance is her jam - twenty, thirty, forty hour events? Bring them on.

33. TyAnn Johnson Clark

TyAnn is a mom and an elite Spartan athlete, with many Spartan podium finishes to her name. She credits her success to training, determination, and high pain tolerance, rather than natural ability.

34. Tiffanie Novakovich

Tiffanie's athleticism is an inspiration to women, and especially mothers everywhere. She lives, and trains in Alaska, all the while taking care of four children.

35. Paige Bowie

Paige is a firefighter, and the only woman to ever finish Goruck Selection, one of the most gruelling physical challenges on the planet. Many amazing and strong women have attempted Selection, yet to this day she remains the only one who has ever lasted the entire 48 hours.

36. ...

37. ...

So, I lied. This is not the list of 50 most inspirational women in obstacle racing. Not yet.

THIS IS NOT ALL! Yet I am human, and I forget things and people, so I need your help!

It is currently the list of 35 inspirational women, and I need your help finding 15 more awesome women within the sport of obstacle racing.

Who inspires you?

Leave a comment with the name of the woman you think should be on this list, and why you think she deserves the spot.

Help me complete the list! P.S. If you are on this list, and you'd rather not have your name here - just let me know! I'm more than happy to adore you anonymously. And if you want me to replace the photo that I have used (all these were stolen from FB), I'm happy to do that too! Do you have a photo of us together? Send it my way! Caught a mistake? Let me know.

here. Hugs, SOLO


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