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The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me (And You)

Hey, Friend.

In a recent work meeting, the check-in question was: "What is something that most people do not like, but you do?". Immediately I thought of grown-up birthdays. Most grown-ups do not seem to like their birthdays, nor do they seem to celebrate their birthdays. Well, I could not feel MORE differently. The best thing that ever happened to me was not meeting my husband. It was not having my children. It was not moving to Canada. It was being born. I am going to say that again (and probably again for good measure): My birth is the best thing that happened to me. None of the good things that happened TO me would not have been possible without there being a ME. A moot point, perhaps, but a helpful one to consider at least once a year ON my birthday. Another two cells could have joined, and then my mother's belly bump below would have yielded a different person entirely.

I could have very easily NOT been here at all.

And yet... here I am, hugging strangers.

If you haven't seen that video, see below - I share it once a year on my birthday, and it truly is one of my favorite days ever:

I'm thinking a re-do might be in order in a couple of years.

What do you think?

You in? ;)

If you are also glad I was born, hit Reply today and let me know.

Because the second best thing to the birthday itself, is receiving birthday wishes from awesome people.



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