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Trade Agreements, Lilacs, And Operation Tigger

Hi, Friend.

You’ll forgive me for not waiting for a once-in-a-lifetime thunderstorm to email you again, yes?

This morning at 8.18am, I found myself negotiating a trade agreement of epic proportions. The parties disagreed on the distribution of stickers and “I love my mommy” board book, and I had to step in. Of course, I had to step in, while ALSO driving both parties to daycare.

After artful and diplomatic negotiation, the agreement has been reached, and thankfully, our final destination was also reached. At that point I have handed over both parties to other adults, and skipped to my car to drive fast and listen to Whitney Houston - what every parent does at 8.47am on a weekday surely.

It was the summer solstice yesterday - the longest day of the year. I have conflicted feelings about that day, because, on one hand, OMG, longest day of the year - yessssss! But, on the other hand, it means that today is a little bit shorter than yesterday, and we are now officially on track to winter.

If you think that summer solstice is the first time my highly-seasonal brain thinks about winter while it’s sweltering 29C outside, you are mistaken. I usually enter a period of complete and utter winter denial somewhere at the end of April.

However, by end of May, I am reminded of how “this too shall pass” (don’t you want to punch anyone who even says that to you about like… anything?), when lilacs stop blooming.

That is to say, that I’m ever-so-lightly thinking and planning my Operation Tigger fall/winter group coaching for this year. I have something different in mind for this season (as I do every season), so just know that this year it will be 1. More affordable, and 2. More flexible. You will be able to join for just a month, or for the entire winter. And we will connect weekly.

That’s all for now. Look out for another one soon.



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