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Watch This By Yourself In A Dark Room

Hi, Friend.

If you have been living under a rock, or have small children - which.. let’s admit - often feels exactly like living under a rock… you may not know that the Beatles released a brand new song two weeks ago. 

Yes, those Beatles. 

THE Beatles. 

Two of the four band members are no longer with us, and yet November 2023 brought a brand new Beatles song, featuring the work of the entire band. 

Thanks to AI. 

The new track isn't the result of generative AI, which is known for creating new content (think ChatGPT). Instead, advanced AI was used to skillfully separate and enhance existing audio tracks, achieving what was once thought impossible back in the mid-90s.

Dedicate just 17 minutes to these two videos, and your mind will be blown. 

Or heart, maybe. 

For me it was both.

And I’m not even that big of a Beatles fan. 

Sure, “Yesterday” was my favorite song when I was 14, but that wasn’t super unique.

The Official Music Video:

The 12-Min Short Film About The Making Of The Song:

I watched both videos back to back in a completely dark office, because it gets dark quickly these days, and I was too enthralled to turn on the light. 

I have goosebumps knowing that we get to live through a time when certain tools were not available, and now they are. 

How lucky. 

It’s like living in a Harry Potter book (remember the moving pictures?). 

Getting an ultrasound while pregnant is a routine medical exam now, but my grandmother did not know she was having twins until eight months into her pregnancy, when the doctor just counted … “too many arms and legs for one”, while palpating her abdomen. 

We weren’t able to do certain things, because the technology, the tools did NOT EXIST.

And now they do. 

And the Beatles have a new song

You might already know that I have been co-teaching the first ever AI course for health and fitness professionals offered through Precision Nutrition, so I have been even deeper down the AI rabbit hole. 

There is so much magic. 

So much opportunity to ENHANCE human creativity. 

Let me show you - I’ll be doing something super cool and AI related, so if you’ve been curious about this whole AI thing, but you do NOT have time to learn a million tools, and where does one even start??? stay tuned. 



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