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We Interrupt This Program...

… to bring you an important (to me) announcement.

I am engaged.

So much to do! Where do I begin?

There are references to the Beyonce song to be made (something about putting a ring on it?). Facebook status to update. Seventeen dozen shots of my left hand to be uploaded to multiple social media channels. This blog will evolve as I start talking about pastel shades of mildly unflattering bridesmaids' dresses, cake flavours and napkin patterns. So far, I suggested "Petting Zoo" and "Killer Clowns" as two possible themes. Both were rejected by the Internal Ethics Committee (aka Italian). Back to the drawing board. Unicorns, perhaps? We could install a fake rainbow instead of a wedding arch!

And I have so many questions!

  • Can I wear Salomons with a wedding dress? Or perhaps, more accurately, WHICH Salomons would I wear with a wedding dress? I have my eye on these for now:

  • Can I dress as Pocahontas? [I’ll need to start growing my hair out].

  • Can I have an obstacle course at the wedding? [I already asked Italian. He sighed: “Because there won’t be enough obstacles?”]

  • Instead of wedding cake, could we serve something with peanut butter? And bacon?

As an adrenaline junkie at heart, I am looking forward to this. What can be more extreme than getting your (very different and weird) friends and (less different, but just as weird) family together in one physical space? But wait, it doesn't end there. I get to parade around in a white outfit with the soundtrack from the 1700s written by a German Jew, while the spectators stare and cry. There is a lot of hugging, and we get to eat after. Doesn't it sound both strange and uncomfortable? Excellent! I'm in.

This is going to be an awesome party, y'all. #bridezillatobe #operationbucketlist Getting hitched, SOLO


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