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Why My Snatch Stinks (And Other Reasons To Talk Dirty)

Urban Dictionary seems to think that "snatch" is the second most horrific sounding nickname for female genitalia, second only to that other one - something about seeing you on a Tuesday of next week.

I actually rather like "snatch". I think it sounds cute and catchy at the same time.

Say it with me…


Check out my snatch.

I am obsessed with my snatch. I want you to look at my snatch.

Girl, I love your snatch. What are you doing today? . Oh, just playing with my snatch!

Does your snatch keep you up at night? You can amuse yourself thinking about what exactly snatching technique refers to. Ways to improve your snatch. Wikipedia seems to think that the shoulder joint is the most flexible joint in the human body. I find that statement hilarious, as my shoulders function more as a hinge than a ball in socket. One hour spent with an awesome coach looking at my snatch (go ahead! laugh!) taught me more about training than the previous few years. My first realization how little mobility I actually have in my shoulder joints. My first encounter with a special kind of frustration - knowing that your biomechanics prevents you from tapping into the strength that you have. Also, my first realization that I am not invincible. Damn it. After months of sports doctor and chiropractor appointments, we finally arrive at the conclusion of shoulder tendinopathy, with no tears - a fancy way of saying that my rotator cuff tendons are inflamed, and tend to get more inflamed with lots of repetitive overhead work. Fran, anyone? What follows is a prescribed set of exercises designed to mobilize the scapulae, to reposition the ribcage, to enforce diaphragmatic breathing. All the things that are good-for-me, but are as exciting as boiled brussel sprouts. Yet, on Saturday, Ryan, my Olympic lifting coach, nods approvingly, as I move through a snatch complex. “Nice, Solo! It’s clicking today!”.

My snatch is clicking. Ha! YOUR TURN: What socially inappropriate statements or questions including the word "snatch" I missed? GO. Liked this post? You are going to love reading about the voice of the snatch spirit and why squats make everything better. Feeling snatchy, SOLO *** I am giving away TWO awesome speed ropes on Monday. Did you enter the giveaway? Do so here.


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