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Wrist Injury And 125+ Things That Suck

You ever feel this way?

No? Just me then…

I found this book few weeks ago. Notice how the cover boasts 125+ things that suck!

I can’t seem to catch a break in the last couple of months. Among most recent developments, I finally have somewhat of resolution on my wrist. Which is not really a resolution at all.

After an x-ray and an ultrasound did not show anything, my sports doc sent me for an MRI. That took two months. [insert typical whining about how sucky our FREE health care is]. I finally see the doctor to go over my results on Thursday.

“You have a little bit of tendonitis”, he says. “Oh?” I say hopefully.

“But I don’t think that’s your main issue.” Of course not. That would be way too easy.

“I think your main issue is a cartilage tear. There is no blood flow in the cartilage, so it doesn’t heal.” Umm… really, doc? You didn’t open with that?

“So what are the options?”, I ask. “Live with it”. He’s a real mood booster, my doc. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear sometimes that he hates his patients.

Living with it would mean no improvement from the way my wrist functions currently. That means no headstand push-ups in my future, no muscle-ups, limited mobility on anything that requires a front squat hold of a barbell, no chaturanga, no diamond push-ups.

That means asking Italian to move my winter tires from the trunk of my car to my storage locker. “But I like doing that stuff for you”, he says. I sigh. “I like you doing that stuff for me too. But it’s different when you do it because I actually CANNOT”.

After I press further, Dr. Joy clarifies that I have a tear in the triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC), and comes up with two more options. Cortisone injections work. Scaringly well. For pain management. In other words, I’d be able to do whatever I want, because my wrist wouldn’t hurt any more. “Although I don’t think that’s optimal for your long-term goals, because you wouldn’t feel it if you were causing further damage”, doctor mentions. No kidding!

Then, there is surgery. Iffy prognosis. No guarantee of anything. Down time of 3 to 6 months. Awesomeness all around. Everybody sing!

I teach Healthy Lifestyle Management. I know and love some amazing athletes. I spend a good chunk of my time in awe of what human body can do. But sometimes, the glaring oversights in architecture seem inexcusable. It’s like buying a Maserati, and then learning that there is no way to replace a flat tire. I mean, really? How is it that this beautiful machine which typically has an amazing ability to heal itself, short-circuits so easily?

Now it’s at least a month, before I even get to see a surgeon. Until then… tape it. Try not to load it directly. If doing something hurts, stop doing it. You know… real specific.

So yeah… 125+ things that suck, starting with:

and continuing with…

  • when it rains all day

  • when you are out of beer

  • when you lose your phone (even when security finds it few hours later, it still sucks!)

  • when you have to sink 4 figures into your relatively new car

  • when the C-word is floating around multiple people you love

  • when people don’t tell you what you want to hear

  • when the future is uncertain

Meanwhile, I’m packing for the Goruck Challenge, starting in a few hours. The endevour may not seem intelligent, given the recent news, however, most of the 8-10 hours is spent on feet, carrying stuff and each other. It should give me a good diagnostic feel of how longer events will feel at this point.

Besides, one of the best ways to feel better that I know is to push my physical limits in company of friends. I may not be able to do too many push-ups, but I can still carry any one of them. And they will always volunteer to do the push-ups for me.

Signing off, Solo


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